We want to help as many PTAs as possible. As you will be joining under our overall Small Lotteries Licence (Gambling Act 2005) we have to ensure that organisations meet certain criteria. There is no application fee.

Your PTA must:

  1. Be a paid Parentkind member during the period 24th May 2021 to 12th July 2021.
  2. Should your membership renewal date fall within this period and you do not renew your membership, proceeds from the sale of tickets on your PTA's dashboard will be forfeited and transferred to Parentkind to progress it’s charitable objectives.
  3. To join Parentkind visit www.parentkind.org.uk
  4. Have a UK bank account in your organisation’s name that we can pay funds into via BACS transfer.
  5. You will be asked to commit to using the marketing materials provided on your dashboard.
  6. By registering my PTA for The Big PTA Summer Raffle 2021, I agree to be contacted by Parentkind in relation to surveys, questionnaires, feedback forms and other communications which Parentkind may deem necessary and in the interests of both parties relating to this raffle, and promotional material regarding any future event held by Parenkind, you may inform us at any time that you do not wish to be contacted about future events by emailing [email protected], however, this will not preclude you from receiving information that you have contractually agreed to receive for this specific event.

We are also unable to accept applications that are incomplete.

Parentkind reserves the right to reject any application for any reason without offering an appeals process.