Fundraising success for Secondary Schools

07 June 2022

The Big PTA Summer Raffle 2022 is a great way for secondary schools to boost their fundraising.

Not having that face-to-face school gate contact can make it hard for secondary school PTAs to engage the school community, and attract attendance at events to raise those vital funds. Running completely online, the raffle engages your whole school and its community, supporting your PTA, and raising funds along the way!

Tickets can be purchased by anyone, anywhere - with the Big PTA Summer Raffle 2022, supporters don't need to live in your local area. In addition, with 12 chances of winning up to £5,000, it offers a new twist on traditional raffles!

'Let's face it... Fundraising at secondary school is so different than primary with much less face to face engagement so this raffle format was perfect for our Volunteers and our supporters! The auto generated Cash prizes were a huge bonus as it saved us all that timie trawing local shops/business and touting for prizes and encouraged ticket sales all by itself! The Big positive as a volunteer organiser was the time saving element... This really is minimum input for maximum output providing a guaranteed income each year leaving our volunteers with more time and enthusiasm to focus on other events...' Thoms Tallis PTFA

It's not too late to sign up and boost your PTA funds this summer!

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