Fun and effective PTA fundraising

Start raising funds in 5 minutes

Help us sell Big PTA Raffle 2020 tickets through your own online page and you'll keep 50% of all the tickets you sell.

Why join the Big PTA Raffle 2020?

Easy to join.

Signing up is easy. Joining is also absolutely free and you can be selling raffle tickets online in just five minutes.

Start raising money online.

Sign up and you'll get your own dedicated page on the site. All raffle tickets will be sold online. When your supporters buy raffle tickets 50% goes to your PTA and 40% towards cash prizes.

Great prizes for your supporters.

Each of the 12 Christmas draws will have a cash prize of up to £5,000!* In total up to £60,000 will be given away!

Marketing help to promote your lottery.

We'll provide all the marketing materials you need to sell your raffle tickets. They'll even be branded with your PTA logo and links directly to your page on the site.

PTA faq

Can my PTA join The Big PTA Raffle 2020?

Any PTA that has a paid Parentkind PTA Membership, whose membership dues are fully paid and continues to be in membership from 20th October until 18th December 2020.

What information will I need to register my PTA?

You’ll need your Parentkind membership number along with your registered PTA name or registered postcode. We will check that these details match our records as part of your registration.

You'll also need to provide a logo for your PTA, that your supporters recognise, to help brand your page and help supporters find your PTA while searching on the site. You can register without these and update your details after registration. Remember to tell us if any details change.

What kind of logo do I need?

We can accept logos in most file formats (.png, .jpg, .gif etc.)

Don’t worry if you don’t have one, we’ll set you up with a default logo to start with and you’ll be able to change it and any other details at any time.

What materials do you provide to help me promote the raffle?

We provide you with your own tailored marketing materials. These will be professionally prepared materials to cater for every situation including:

  • PDFs which can be attached to emails that are sent out to your community.
  • A4 posters that can be printed out and put on noticeboards, school gates etc.
  • Images for use in social media posts on Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can even post to Facebook and Twitter directly from your raffle dashboard.

How do winners find out that they've won?

After each draw the winners will be advised by email. The winning number will also be published on our website, Facebook and Twitter following the draw.

How do we receive our share of raffle ticket sales?

You will receive 50% of all tickets sales where your PTA was chosen as the recipient. Your PTA is auto-selected when the supporter clicks ‘Buy tickets’ from your page so make sure that’s the link you send to supporters. Once the draws have taken place all raised funds will be transferred directly to your nominated bank account.

How do I know how well my fundraising is doing?

As well as your own page on the site. You will also get access to a private administrators area - the Raffle Dashboard. Here you can view how many tickets you've sold, download the latest marketing materials and view helpful guides on how to get the most out of the raffle.

Who deals with any questions my supporters have?

We do! We have a dedicated support number (0300 016 7460) that deals directly with any queries your supporters have as well as our support email address ([email protected]).

Can someone still play if they are not online?

Yes. Players can call the dedicated Big PTA Raffle 2020 number – (0300 016 7460) – to register and buy their tickets.

What administration do we need to do?

None! All you need to do is shout about your Big PTA Raffle 2020 page!

If my PTA gets 50% of tickets we sell, where does the other 50% go?

50% will go to the chosen PTA. 40% to prizes and Parentkind, for their charitable objectives and 10% to administration of the raffle.

* If we sell more than 50,000 raffle tickets the prize will be £5,000 and cumulatively £60,000 across 12 days. Otherwise the prize will be 40% of total ticket sales for that draw.