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Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School, Hyndburn

Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School, Hyndburn

Accrington BB5

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5 tickets of 250 ticket goal

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What are we fundraising for?

Welcome to Mount Carmel Roman Catholic High School, Hyndburn's raffle page.

We are excited to join The Big PTA Raffle. After the last 18 months, we are determined to get our fundraising back on track and this is an opportunity to have some fun and raise money for our school.

For every ticket purchased, you will have 12 chances to win up to £5,000!* At the same time, we will raise 50% from every ticket sold supporting our PTA. It's a fantastic way to bring parents, carers, teachers and the wider community together, in partnership with our PTA, and at the same time give something back.

We hope to raise funds that can support and enrich the education of our children – we aim to provide extra resources for the children.

Your support is greatly appreciated and we wish you good luck!

Yours sincerely,

Mount Carmel PTFA Committee

How the raffle works


For £3 you will get one entry into each of the 12 draws. That’s 12 chances to win. More tickets equals more chances to win.


You choose where your money goes. Select your PTA at checkout to make sure the money from your tickets goes straight to your PTA.


Three draws will run daily from 18th July to 21st July 2022. We'll announce the winning numbers on the site and we’ll also let you know if you win via email.

Player FAQ

What is The Big PTA Summer Raffle?

The Big PTA Summer Raffle is a raffle brought to you by Parentkind, giving you the chance to win cash prizes while supporting your chosen PTA.

We're hosting 12 raffle draws. For £3 you can buy a ticket for all 12 draws. Each of the draws will give you the chance to win up to £5,000*. In total there will be up to £60,000* given away in cash prizes.

How do I play?

Simply click Buy tickets on The Big PTA Summer Raffle website then follow the instructions. You will be asked how many tickets you'd like and to select which PTA you would like to support, payment will be taken via a debit card (sorry we can’t take credit cards).

How much do tickets cost?

Each ticket costs £0.25 per draw. Via the site you can purchase a ticket for all 12 draws for £3. From the ticket price, 50% goes directly to your chosen PTA. 40% goes towards prizes and advancing Parentkind's charitable causes and 10% for the administration of the raffle.

What prizes can be won?

Each of the 12 draws will have a guaranteed cash winner chosen at random from the entries. They will win up to £5,000* or, if we don’t sell our target of 50,000 tickets, 40% of the total proceeds.

How do I choose my PTA?

Select Buy your tickets and find your PTA. You can search for your PTA by name, postcode, location or all three. Then, simply choose how many tickets you want.

What if I can’t find my PTA on the list?

You can search for your PTA by name, postcode, location or all three. If you still can’t find them in the list they may not have registered yet. If they are a Parentkind member please ask them to register via the PTA signup page.

What information will I need to sign up?

Signing up is easy. We just need your name, email address, and postal address. We also need your date of birth to validate you are over 16.

How will the draws work?

The draw process is a raffle, whereby the winning ticket is chosen at random from all the eligible tickets for that draw. Each ticket is unique and has an equal chance of winning, including any additional tickets you may buy. The winning ticket will be selected at random using the online resource who are independently verified for their random number generation using atmospheric noise. The winning number will be displayed on the website and we will email the winner to let them know.

What are the odds of winning a prize?

The chances of winning vary according to the number of tickets sold. There is one prize of up to £5,000* in each draw.

When will draws start?

Three draws will take place each day between the 18th July and 21st July 2022.

How do winners find out that they've won?

All winners will be advised by email. The winning number will also be published on our website, Facebook and Twitter following each draw.

How will I receive my winnings?

Your winnings will be paid directly into your nominated bank account or you can choose to donate your winnings back to the PTA you’re supporting.

How do I pay?

Payment is via debit card only. The site is fully secure, PCI DSS compliant and we don’t store any card details.

Who deals with any questions I may have?

We do. We have a dedicated support number (0300 016 7460) that deals directly with any queries you may have.
We also have a dedicated email address [email protected]

If my PTA gets 50% of tickets we sell, where does the other 50% go?

As a national charity, Parentkind gives those with a parenting role a voice in education. We invest substantial resources in representing parent views on their child’s learning to local, regional and national governments and agencies. Parentkind is the network of PTA fundraisers in the UK. We bring specialist fundraising support and advice to parent volunteers so that every school can benefit from a successful PTA. Further information can be found on the Parentkind website.

The pie chart below is based on The Big PTA Christmas Raffle 2021.

ticket allocation pie chart

* If we sell more than 50,000 raffle tickets the prize will be £5,000 and cumulatively £60,000 across 4 days. Otherwise the prize will be 40% of total ticket sales for that draw.

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Each ticket costs £3